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Disinfecting Your Pelican Case

Disinfect Your Case

Pelican Cases are the perfect solution for transporting equipment, gear, and supplies around the world. Today, the transmission of germs and harmful bacteria is of upmost importance globally.

Cases are generally touched by many people, and many viruses can survive on plastic surfaces for extended periods of time. Proper cleaning precautions should be taken at every opportunity.

(Note: Foam interiors are very susceptible to holding onto bacteria due to their high porosity. The most effective cleaning method is to apply disinfectant spray to all surfaces of the foam insert. Please note, this is not very effective since bacteria can live within the foam itself.)

Effective Disinfectants:

  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Disinfectant wipes (Clorox, Windex, and store brands acceptable)
  • Diluted Bleach Solutions
    • (4tsp. bleach / 1qt.water)
  • Common household disinfectant sprays
  • Most industrial, medical and military decontaminate solutions.


  1. Clean your case before disinfecting
    • Remove all solids (dust, debris, dirt, grease, etc.) using warm soapy water and brush 
  2. Wipe case surfaces from the inside out in this order
    • Case interior surfaces
    • O-Ring seal (tongue and groove sides)
    • Latches (including under-side)
    • Handles
    • Case exterior surfaces