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Pelican™ 3315 Flashlight Recall Notice

A new update from Pelican™ Products

Pelican™ takes the quality and reliability of its products very seriously. They constantly monitor the performance of our products in the field to maintain customer safety and satisfaction with their products.

As a result of this monitoring, they are issuing a recall of the Pelican™ 3315R, 3315R-RA flashlights and the replacement battery pack 3319, as there is a potential problem with the battery pack. The battery pack can overheat, melt or catch fire, posing a fire hazard and a threat of property damage or personal injury.

Pelican™ is requiring its distributors to stop selling these products immediately, quarantine and segregate all affected inventory and contact Pelican™ to coordinate the safe return of these products.

Contact Pelican, 8 AM-5 PM PT, Monday through Friday toll free at (877) 619-0289, (310) 257-5691, or via e-mail at to learn more about this recall.

They have added a Technical Bulletin to their website ( that provides additional details.

To identify recalled products without the original packaging, customers can check the logo area on the body of the light or on the wrap of the battery (see below).

We appreciate your cooperation and immediate response to this Safety Recall.

Pelican™ Recall Notice Bulletin